3 WHEELING headlines Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival

Producer Chris Beauman at the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival

Producer Chris Beauman at the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival

Sidecar racing documentary 3 WHEELING headlined the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival this week, with top billing on the first night of the event.

Producer Chris Beauman flew to the event in Canada, where he welcomed the biggest audience of the festival and hosted a Q&A session on the Isle of Man TT, sidecar racing, and the filming of the documentary. He commented:

“It’s just great seeing the interest this film is generating all over the world. It’s been big in Canada, but we also have a massive fan base in the United States, in Australia and New Zealand, in Japan, and all over Europe. The courage these riders have in facing these incredibly dangerous races is a universal story that everyone understands innately.”

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The international appeal of the motorcycle documentary is one of the reasons it is available with French and German subtitles and in a variety of international formats. Chris continued:

“We set out to tell a story about a part of the sport that’s often misunderstood. Most people don’t know just how technical and different sidecar racing can be, until they see and hear the challenges for themselves. We’re bringing that story to life for people around the world, and that’s really satisfying for me because it highlights what these incredible sportsmen go through every racing season.”

The documentary is available in DVD and Blu-ray formats, with English, French, and German subtitles and free worldwide delivery.

Graeme Brooks